5 Top Tips to Avoid Waste at Work and Home

Waste not want not is the expression that comes to mind when trying to save money as well as the environment. It is necessary for many homes and businesses to help save on waste as the impact on the environment gets worse as more landfill sites are becoming full. With a few simple steps, you can start to help your local community save waste, save money and in the long run save the local environment for the greater good.

1. Recycle As Much As Possible

Recycling isn’t a new thing, and it isn’t a fad that is going away. Today there are many different places you can take your waste to allow it to be processed and recycled into everyday objects that can be reused over and over again. Paper and plastics is a great start, so make sure to invest in a selection of bins that are clearly labelled to allow you to initially sort your waste into its specific bin.

waste removal, waste management

In many cases, the local authorities will offer you a recycling bin of some sort that will allow you to dispose of paper, glass, plastics and other items for the local waste removal authorities to take away safely and in an environmentally friendly way. When it comes to hiring skip bins in Melbourne, Metropolitan Bin Hire can take your waste away and dispose of whenever you need it.

2. Use Less Disposable Items Than Necessary

Savings don’t just come from what you throw away, it starts with what you consume. Consuming less non-recyclable items is a great way to have a greater impact on the waste that you finally leave behind. Whilst waste removal in Melbourne is big business for the authorities, it usually comes down to the smaller companies that specialise in removing waste from private properties.

If your business uses a lot of paper to perform its daily tasks, why not choose a supplier that can offer recycled paper, as well as recycled plastics and glass if your company deals in such raw materials. Your company will not only save money in the long run, but you may also be eligible for government grants for businesses that follow an eco-friendly bottom line.

3. Offer or Home Choose Non-paper Statements or Billing

One of the great things the internet offers us is the ability to do many more things online. Paper billing and paper statements waste a huge amount of paper each year as they need to be printed and posted to just about everyone in the country. Individually, you can help save on waste by choosing a non-paper statement with your bank, telephone company and any other services you may receive.


Additionally, your company or business could offer this paperless billing and statements system and save your company a lot of money each year on paper, ink and postage costs. This is one of the biggest money saving abilities both companies and individuals have that can impact on global waste overall.

4. Hire A Waste Removal Service to Collect Your Rubbish

A great way to save on your waste is to allow a professional waste removal company to collect your waste. Not only will this give you the ability to be able to remove a lot of waste in one go, but you will also ensure that the waste will be treated with care when it comes to the type of waste you are disposing of.

Melbourne bin hire companies can give you a wide range of skips, large bins and industrial sized bins for the removal of any and all items, household, commercial or industrial. A professional Melbourne waste removal company can offer you the insight into which items can be recycled, reused and disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

5. Buy Recycled Material at Home and at Work

Buying already recycled material is one of the best ways to ensure your waste isn’t wasted and that the money you invest in recycled goods and materials can be recycled again. Keeping this recycling circle going is one way that individuals can make an impact on global waste and ensure that the environment doesn’t suffer from the wasteful use of plastics and paper.

Always check labels on the items you buy for the recycled or recyclable materials logo and you can be sure to pass on the savings and eco-living lifestyle to others. If you use less you will waste less, so choosing household or office items that are both recycled and can be further recycled goes a long way in helping to save the environment in the long run.


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